Wednesday, 12 March 2008

The Bronze Cauldron

I was asked for a few more details about the interesting bronze cauldron I'd posted the scan of. Unfortunately, the book I found the picture in says nothing more than:
"Bronze cauldron, Etruscan, early 7th century B.C. Purchase, 1954, Joseph Pulitzer Bequest (54.11.1)" It's from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Unfortunately, no amount of Googling thus far has pulled up any other pictures, or any more information.

It does seem quite possible that it's not for cooking in, though. I could well imagine it being a serving vessel for wine. But I suppose it could just as easily be a funerary urn to a fruit bowl. It's also not overly helpful that I have no idea of size.

But it *is* a pretty cauldron, and I love the legs!


Friday, 7 March 2008

Another Footed Cauldron

Way early, 7th century B.C., made of bronze, and the legs look a bit fragile, but what a pretty thing.

(I found the picture in Christmas Feasts from History, by Lorna J. Sass. It lives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.)