Monday, 14 April 2008

Road Trips & Pipkins

Sorry for the absence. I was off to Virginia for ten days in March, and as soon as I got back, was busy working on the last show of our theatre season, Mesa, about a road trip from Calgary to Phoenix. Kind of got in the way of organizing a new post.

However, one of the things I did while down south was visit the Jamestown Rediscovery Archaeology Project,, with some of the people we'd been visiting, and some of the Colonial Williamsburg staff.
The trip down to Virginia had been all about iron smelting, so the visit to APVA was actually about iron production in Jamestown and early Virginia.

But Jamestown was about a lot more than just that, and the lab at the archaeology centre was full of something for everyone!
I was particularly taken with a lovely find of a footed pottery cook pot. It was nice in itself, but additionally interesting because I have some period-style cookware made by a potter friend of mine, including a footed pipkin.