Saturday, 4 October 2014

At Least A Finalist

 It's kind of too bad we didn't really make a huge effort. We could have staged a much better photo shoot than just a couple of quick snap shots. But it was damp, and we were lazy.
 We'd first started cooking in the rather nice, and more conveniently situated firepit next to my camp. Originally it had been carved out, and customized with some terra-forming/terracing by good friends over the several years they camped in that spot. (Viking Hill at Baron's Howe; the land of the leveller.)
  But come time to really get cooking on our first dinner, we discovered that a couple of random little bees were really just the advanced emissaries of a colony living in the stones of the firepit.

So we hastily shifted our cooking facilities to a nearby clearing, and my old firepit.

 Of course, that meant we moved the lighter gear, and spent some time running back and forth to two other camps any time we needed something. And it was a fairly ongoingly damp weekend. So the best I managed was a few quick photos, at the end of the entry submission period.

 We'd have been very happy to win a copy of the cookbook, An Early Meal by Daniel Serra and Hanna Tunberg 

  but at least one of our entries made it into the selection of finalists.

 For some reason, whatever link I put keeps defaulting to my photo, rather than the album. At least for me. This was a stew of venison sausage, lentils, mushrooms I'd dried, some heritage carrots, some parsnips, and herbs. The iron pot is a replica made by The Wareham Forge.

Next time.  I promise myself, more and better pictures, and we'll try the whole social media thing. Maybe. If we don't get distracted by the eating part!

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